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When you reach Lvl. 100, you can start looking for Athena. This way, youll reach the next Stage, improving your Stats and beginning a whole new journey!


How to upgrade to the next Stage:

1.Find Athena in Athens

2.Speak with Athena and fulfill the following requirements:

(1) You must have enough EXP.

(2) You must have enough Gold.

(3) You must have enough Spirit.

3.Check if you meet the requirements and click Confirm. Then you will upgrade to the next Stage. Remarks:

(1) Players whose Level is higher than Lvl. 100 can keep accumulating EXP and dont need to move to the next Stage immediately. The EXP youve accumulated will help you directly upgrade to the next Stage!

(2) Players Level Ranking wont be settled again after moving to the next Stage.



1.Players will receive lots of Stat Points and their Battle Rating will get greatly boosted after reaching the next Stage.

2.Players who reach next Stage will enjoy Exclusive Stage Equipment. The Equipment will be way more powerful than the Equipment you had before reaching next Stage.